It was shortly after our Sister Omega went home to be with Our Lord in 1966 that Willo (Clark-Thomas) Vaughters and Brenda Tharp Thompson were visiting Buckatunna, Mississippi. One evening they were sitting on the porch talking with their grandfather, C.W. Powe, who was telling them about how things were when he began homesteading in Buckatunna. C.W. went on to describe many situations he had encountered. He also spoke of how his forefathers migrated to that area. Willo and Brenda said that it was a shame that the only times our families got together were during funerals or some other sad occasion. They also though that every family member should have the opportunity to know our interesting and colorful heritage.

Meanwhile, Sheila Tharp and Valeria Jones Collins were sitting on the porch in Ohio reflecting the same thoughts. Those thoughts began to come alive when Willo and Brenda realized that Sheila and Valerie shared the same ideas. They also wanted to establish togetherness among their many relatives and to build a legacy that would last throughout the ages. They dreamed that all of the families would come together in fellowship and love, remembering their legacy, and continue to pass it down from generation to generation.  

The children of the Late Rev. C.W. Powe and Willia M. Harris are; Omega Powe Clark, Willo T. Powe Jones, Theda Powe Tharp, Shellie S. Powe, Cozette Powe Leverette, C.L. Powe, Helen M. Powe Nicholson, Nonjeania Powe Ogletree, and Clementine Powe Phifer.

Initially there were a few families who met in parks in the Cleveland Area carrying picnic lunches. Willo and Brenda were the initial organizers of the event. James Tharp paid for the postage for the first mailing, reimbursing Willo her mortgage payment. Juanita (C.L.) Powe provided postage for several family reunion mailings. James Tharp also provided food for some of the earlier picnics and the fish for the first fish fry.

In 1971, we had the largest and greatest turnout. It was the year Cozy and Lavonce Leverette and family came to Ohio to visit and also is the Gloria Torrence Rucks joined the efforts. From that point on the reunion grew and grew. In 1976, host city designation began and the family reunion was moved from the Cleveland/ Arkon Area to various locations throughout the United States*.


1970 - Cleveland, Ohio
1971 - Cleveland, Ohio
1972 - Akron, Ohio
1973 - Cleveland, Ohio
1974 - Akron, Ohio
1975 - Cleveland, Ohio
1976 - Cleveland, Ohio*
1977 - Biloxi, Mississippi
1978 - Mobile, Alabama
1979 - Canton, Ohio
1980 - Washington, D.C.
1981 - Stateline, Mississippi
1982 - Orlando, Florida
1983 - Chicago, Illinois
1984 - Pittsburgh, PA
1985 - Canton, Ohio
1986 - Biloxi, Mississippi
1987 - Forth Worth, Texas
1988 - Cleveland, Ohio
1989 - Frankford, Kentucky
1990 - Pittsburgh, PA
1991 - Washington, D.C.
1992 - Canton, Ohio
1993 - New Orleans, LA
1994 - Chicago, Illinois
1995 - Philadelphia, PA
1996 - Biloxi, Mississippi
1997 - Cleveland, Ohio
1998 - Atlanta, Georgia
1999 - Frankfort, Kentucky
2000 - Pittsburgh, PA
2001 - Cincinnati, Ohio
2002 - Chicago, Illinois
2003 - St. Louis, Missouri
2004 - Ocean Springs, MS
2005 - Canton, Ohio
2006 - Washington, D.C.
2007 - Pittsburgh, PA
2008 - Frankfort, Kentucky
2009 - Cleveland, Ohio
2010 - Chicago, Illinois
2011 - Canton, Ohio
2012 - Washington, D.C.
2013 - Sacramento, California
2014 - Atlanta, Georgia
2015 - Mississippi
2016 - Frankfort, Kentucky
2017 - Cincinnati, Ohio
2018 - Pittsburgh, PA




[JULY 21-23, 2017 - CINCINNATI, OH]

We were truly excited and honored to host the 2017 - 48th Powe Family Reunion. The Reunion will be held in Blue Ash, Ohio a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. We hope to see everyone there!

Our headquarters will be the Embassy Suites by Hilton Hospitality Room. The Cincinnati Northeast Blue Ash Embassy Suitesbrings you close to everywhere you need to be including Blue Ash Business Park, downtown CincinnatiUnderground Railroad Freedom Center, Kings Island Amusement Park, The Beach WaterparkSummit Park, Voice of America Park, Kenwood Towne Centre, The Banks of Cincinnati Entertainment District, Great American Ballpark, Paul Brown Stadium, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens & Cooper Creek Event Center and much more.

Click Here for Reunion Registration Information - Registration is due by June 1, 2017


If you have questions regarding the 2017 Reunion contact the Cincinnati Powes at